Back in 2015, BT, in a not-so-surprising move, announced that it will not be taking any new ISDN orders beyond 2020. This formed part of BT’s plan to permanently switch off its ISDN network and replace it with more cost-effective IP Voice services by 2025.

With the switch off believed to affect nearly 2 million of BT’s ISDN customers, and businesses reviewing their platform options, it’s no wonder that nearly 87% of comms resellers believe that it will present them with some significant opportunities*.

Business customers with expiring phone contracts will, without a doubt, start looking at moving from ISDN to SIP. And possessing end-to-end delivery capabilities along with the ability to provide customers with a clear transition plan from legacy systems to hybrid or cloud-based telephony is what will give comms resellers the edge over their competition.

Ericsson-LG’s suite of UC solutions is designed to do just that. With all iPECS products being compatible and deployable across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments, you will gain the rare opportunity to transform your customers’ communications at a pace that suits them.

What iPECS provides is a clear migration path where customers can run ISDN today and move to SIP in the future. With hardware being deployable across on-premise and cloud environments, your customers will not have to bear the additional cost of upgrading to a new communications platform, they can in fact, move their existing hardware through to the cloud.

Regardless of whether they choose to move to cloud straight away or remain on-premise for the time being, Ericsson-LG’s solutions are designed to make sure they don’t miss out. With a host of unified communications and collaboration tools that work across both platforms and set of special attachments designed to help reseller partners grow their average revenue per user, Ericsson-LG enterprise delivers a win-win for both end-users and partners alike.

By choosing Ericsson-LG, you will not only gain access to an end-to-end portfolio covering everything from handsets and applications, but a range of iPECS branded headsets, UC clients and portals as well.

Ericsson-LG’s UK partner, Pragma, will help you switch vendors in 4 weeks and give you continuous technical, marketing and sales support to keep you ahead of the competition.

*Pragma market survey 2019