What if you could integrate iPECS Cloud with any other cloud service? With CONNECT for iPECS Cloud, you can, allowing you to meet bespoke demands, win more deals and improve customer retention.

What is CONNECT for iPECS Cloud?

Have you ever had a prospect whose needs you couldn’t meet? Have you ever wished you could do that little bit more to help a customer?

CONNECT is about winning that prospect, and retaining that customer. Using the iPECS API, CONNECT integrates iPECS Cloud with other cloud services and delivers them in one place, over a single web application. It comes with native integration into the Google and Microsoft ecosystems, alongside popular project management and time tracking tools.

Best of all, we offer an additional service for fully bespoke integrations. Maybe the customer has a purpose-built CRM? Or they have some other software their business depends on. With CONNECT, they can do it all through the iPECS Cloud platform – boosting their productivity, and making your UCaaS offering indispensable to them!

Out-of-the-box integrations

CONNECT for iPECS Cloud comes with integrations to the Google and Microsoft ecosystems. That means you can search and click to dial Google and Outlook contacts through the CONNECT interface. It will even update your presence setting if you have a meeting booked.

Other ready-made optional integrations include project management (Asana, ClickUp, Monday) and time-tracking (Clockify) software – so users can view tasks and track how long they take, all on the CONNECT interface.

Optional enhancements:


Better customer service, more inbound enquiries, less effort. ENGAGE is a webchat widget offering one-click voice calls, video calls and AI-powered webchat. ENGAGE is available as an optional enhancement to all users of CONNECT.

All calls come through the CONNECT interface. Webchat queries are handled automatically and accurately by AI, while an agent can take over at any point if needed. This allows CONNECT users instant interaction with their customers, all in one place.

Discover what engage can do


Enhance business insights, boost productivity and improve customer satisfaction with AI-powered call summaries and sentiment analysis.

In one click, Sidekick will transcribe calls and give you a digestible summary, customer sentiment analysis, and clear action points to follow up. This is all using the power of AI – so as well as enhancing your understanding of customer experience and boosting performance, it also saves you time.

Discover what Sidekick can do

What other integrations are possible?

Just about any other integration is possible! As long as the service has an API, we can develop an integration with CONNECT for iPECS Cloud.
You just need to let us know the customer’s requirements, and we’ll get to work. This comes in three stages:


We’ll work with you to ensure requirements are achievable, properly scoped out and priced.


Our development partner will build the integration and carry out quality assurance testing.


We will deploy the integration and closely monitor to ensure it meets the customer’s requirement.

What are the benefits of CONNECT for iPECS Cloud?

  • Win more deals

    It’s simple – if you can meet more demands, you can win more deals! By delivering truly bespoke solutions, you can exceed the expectations of the most demanding prospects. You won’t need to shy away from difficult deployments. We’ll do the work that helps you win them.

  • Provide better service

    CONNECT for iPECS Cloud brings so much more to the UCaaS experience. It’s not just bringing communication channels into one place – it’s bringing everything together! That means more productivity and satisfaction from them, thanks to an enhanced service from you.

  • Retain more customers

    Better service means stickier customers. But that’s not the only way CONNECT helps with retention. With CONNECT, you’re providing so much more than telecoms. You’re providing the tool that integrates every other service your customers use. That makes you irreplaceable!

Easy communication

All your contacts in one place

Get in touch with us to learn more about CONNECT for iPECS Cloud and how it can create new revenue streams for you.

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