iPECS 1000i Series

Ericsson-LG’s Latest Innovation

Available to order on iPECS Cloud, UCP & eMG80

iPECS 1000i Series Handsets

Welcome to Ericsson-LG’s latest innovation. They have poured every last drop of their years experience in the key-system, PBX and Cloud telephony market to deliver a modern, sleek and user-intuitive range of IP Phones. The 1000i range initially see a line-up of 4 models from the entry-level 1010i to the executive 1050i.

The initial 4 phone line-up consists of the ideal phones for any office deployment required, ranging from a basic level to an executive level of phone. These have been designed to best fit the users’ business requirements. The Ericsson-LG proprietary protocol provides fully integrated system features just like a conventional feature rich PBX solution.


The 1010i has been designed to be the entry-level phone in the iPECS 1000i IP range. Designed for deployments in low use areas such as unmanned reception areas where larger, colour screens and access to multiple pre-programmed keys is not a pre-requisite.

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Considered as the essential phone for an office worker, the 1030i will work perfectly for the members of your team who are likely going to spend a lot of time on the phone. It also boasts a full colour, backlit display, numerous programmable keys and a full complement of fixed feature keys.

Ideal for deployments with a lot of call traffic with the added benefit of delivering a great user experience and a colour display!

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The 1040i is the desired phone for a professional individual. A perfect blend of user-programmable buttons, fixed features and a large, clear colour display makes it the ideal phone for any desk-based worker including those who are dealing with a high volume of calls during the day.

Ideal for deployments where users are spending a significant amount of time on the phone, the 1040i is the phone that will help get the job done – all day, every day!

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The 1050i is the current top-of-the-range model in the 1000i IP range. With a large, full-colour, backlit display supporting the greatest number of user-programmable buttons, the 1050i could be thought of as the “Executive” model.

1050i enables the user to store a significant amount “favourites” under flexible keys for quick and easy access. If you need the maximum amount of features and speed dials at your fingertips then the 1050i is the phone for you.

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Download the datasheet for the 1000i series here

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