Every hero needs a Sidekick

Work is busy and the calls keep coming in. How do you maintain the service standards your customers expect? How do you know whether you’re maintaining them?

AI-powered call summaries and sentiment analysis.

In one click, Sidekick will transcribe calls and give you a digestible summary, customer sentiment analysis, and clear action points to follow up, all using the power of AI. As well as enhancing your understanding of customer experience and boosting performance, it also saves you time.

Features of Sidekick

Call recording & voicemail transcription

Using speech recognition technology, Sidekick transcribes calls in one click.

AI generated call summaries

Sidekick takes the transcript and uses AI to create a digestible, time-saving summary.

Sentiment analysis

Sidekick gives each call a sentiment score so you can quickly track caller satisfaction.

Action points

Using AI analysis, Sidekick provides suggested action points to take after the call.

Automatic CRM logging

Logging call records in your CRM is slow and tedious – unless you automate it!


As an optional enhancement, we can create bespoke software integration between Sidekick and your CRM. This will automatically log Sidekick’s summary against customer records, so you can save time while keeping customer information in one place.

CRM Logging

How does Sidekick benefit your customers?

  • Enhance insight

    Sidekick gives you quick, intelligent insights into your customer interactions, so you can make smarter decisions about the way you deliver service.

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    The first step to improvement is understanding. Using Sidekick’s AI-powered insights, you can truly understand customer sentiment and take the steps you need to enhance your service.

  • Team training

    Do some members of the team shine on sentiment score? Do others struggle? Sidekick gives you a quick understanding of why, so you can address any areas of improvement.

  • Boost productivity

    Gaining insight into the quality of calls has always been a slow process – until now. Sidekick uses AI to automate the process. So, you can summarise a one-hour call in a matter of seconds, saving you time and money.


Part of CONNECT for iPECS Cloud

Sidekick is available as an enhancement of CONNECT for iPECS Cloud, to take your customer service to new heights. CONNECT brings communications and your other core cloud services into one place, to streamline work and make you more productive.

Find out about connect here

Get in touch with us to learn more about Sidekick and how it can create new revenue streams for you.

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