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About SportPesa Racing Point Formula One

SportPesa Racing Point is a formula one racing team based in Silverstone, UK with a team of around 420 staff. They regularly travel around the globe competing in Formula One races. 

The Challenge

The Solution

The iPECS UCP 2400 system was implemented within their base in Silverstone to support the seamless connectivity across field-base workers traveling around the globe. iPECS LIP-9020 handsets and UC Mobile Applications were installed to reduce installation and maintenance costs while eliminating the need for excessive cabling. iPECS LIP-9071 handsets were implemented in meeting rooms to enable video conferencing.

Key Features

We commended the Ericsson-LG iPECS system for a number of reasons really not least the fact that the system is very reliable so we are going to be on five lines reliability particularly when we include the active stand-by option. Thereafter it’s about functionality, so it’s about a number of things the team could do on their existing system but also a number of things that they could do moving forwards such as the fixed mobile convergence and running an app on the phone to allow them to use the system on their mobile phone.

Adrian Collinson, SportPesa Racing Point
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