Since April 2020, 86% of people who could work from home, have. It’s safe to say people have become accustomed to working in the space of their own home. However, that’s not to say there hasn’t been any challenges along the way, people’s main requirement for working from home is a strong broadband connection. This is all well and good, but what happens if you try and connect your office phone to it? SIP ALG has caused issues for employees trying to connect their existing office phone to a domestic broadband, resulting in no calls via that connection.

Statistics show that over 90% of households in the UK use the top 4 broadband providers; Virgin Media, BT, Sky and TalkTalk. The only issue is that all of these providers have SIP ALG enabled by default and only two of them have the capability to disable it. If you find out your office phone doesn’t work via your home broadband connection, it is likely you will need to deploy a new communication solution that doesn’t use third-party SIP phones.

This is just one of many reasons to upgrade to an iPECS telephony solution

All IP handsets from Ericsson-LG including the new iPECS 1000i IP series uses a proprietary protocol called IPKTS that brings a wealth of strong features and an overall better source of security. Subsequently, ensuring no loss of calls or functionality while working from any broadband connection, regardless of if you are using a physical UCP/eMG80 system in your office space or using a hosted platform with iPECS Cloud.

Enabling a Digital Strategy

Ensure you stay on the front foot with your customers. With challenges and opportunities such as home working, remote selling and engaging with clients virtually, more businesses are searching for the right solution to enable them to implement a new digital strategy that will support them in operating efficiently from any location.

When it comes to implementing a new digital plan, you will need to think more in-depth than just a communication solution – what about mobile devices, video conferencing, online quoting and remote installations and marketing materials? With iPECS, we can provide the whole package;

Mobile Applications

UC Mobile and Desktop Applications: Collaborate with customers and colleagues while on the move or working remotely on a laptop. Access the power of iPECS Unified Communications wherever you are, either on a laptop with the UCE/UCS Desktop client or on a mobile with UCE/UCS iOS or Android.

iPECS Cloud Mobile: Seamlessly connecting mobile phones to iPECS Cloud, ensuring mobile workers are just another extension. Experience true remote working using just your mobile phone without an app.

Quoting Tools

iPECS QuickQuote: Quoting doesn’t need to be a complex exercise. iPECS QuickQuote is a new online sales quoting tool that uses a single online platform. Simply add your customer’s requirements into the configurator and provide an accurate quote in a much quicker time.

Video Conferencing

iPECS2Teams: Deliver voice functionality directly to your Microsoft Teams client from iPECS Cloud without the need for any additional hardware or software with iPECS2Teams.

Remote Installation Tools

iPECS QuickStart: Reduce the number of calls and tickets into your support team by providing your customers access to over 60 step-by-step video guides for how to set up, view and use products from the iPECS Cloud Platform with the iPECS QuickStart programme.

We’re here to help you make the most of your new digital plans. Our dedicated team will work as an extension of your business to ensure that you succeed in the digital age. Find out more about the support we extend to our reseller partners here.

Pragma reseller partners: Visit our reseller portal to download more information on how iPECS overcomes issues with SIP ALG.

*Coronavirus and home working in the UK: April 2020 (

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