It’s that time again. We are launching another one-of-a-kind innovation to help our partners keep on winning customers. Meet Sidekick, our new AI-powered call assistant.

Sidekick is a perfect example of our goal to use AI (artificial intelligence) to create IA (intelligent applications). So, let’s dive right in and explain what Sidekick does.


What does Sidekick do? A quick introduction

At its heart, Sidekick is an AI-powered call assistant application available on a standalone basis, or as part of CONNECT for iPECS Cloud. It gives users meaningful insight into the quality of customer interactions, all while dramatically cutting down the time it would normally take. This is thanks to its use of artificial intelligence. Here’s a quick rundown of what it does:

One-click call transcription: Sidekick retrieves call recordings, using speech recognition technology to transcribe automatically.

AI-powered call summary: In one click, Sidekick can turn a lengthy call recording into a short, digestible summary with all the key details for quick reference.

Action points: Based on AI analysis of the call, Sidekick makes smart suggestions for follow-up actions from the call or potential learnings.

Sentiment analysis: Sidekick also assigns a quick sentiment analysis and score, for easy-to-read insight into caller satisfaction.

Automatic CRM logging: This is an optional extra, but it’s yet another time-saving feature. We can develop an integration to automatically log the call summary in the user’s CRM. This is already built for HubSpot, but bespoke development is an option for other CRMs.


What it offers users

Sidekick takes slow, labour-intensive jobs and does them for you. Analysing call quality is incredibly important, but frankly it takes forever. Sidekick makes it easy.

Writing notes about one call is fairly quick. But what about hundreds of calls? When you scale it up, this can cost businesses a lot of hours. All Sidekick users have to do is click one button and it’s done.

Eliminating manual tasks is a huge win in any business. But this isn’t all Sidekick offers them. It also produces smart, digestible summaries and analysis to help businesses make better decisions.


What it offers Pragma partners

In a way, this one answers itself. If you can give customers smarter insight while saving them countless hours of work, it’s really a win-win!

It’s yet another selling point to help Pragma partners stand out, turn prospects into customers, and retain existing customers through a truly unique solution. Of course, it’s also another potential revenue stream, whether that’s via net new customers or cross-selling to your base.

Sidekick is just the latest innovation helping us achieve that goal. It’s fair to say we’ve been busy in the last 18 months. We’ve launched many innovative new products to complement our core iPECS Cloud offering.

We’re not just doing this because we think it’s technically interesting (that’s just a bonus!), but because it benefits our partners. The channel is an increasingly competitive environment. In any competitive market, it really helps if you can stand out. Our product range enables our partners to do exactly that, and tailor their offering to any customer.


Take your customers from AI to IA

And now we’re full circle. Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It’s fascinating, powerful technology. But while the technology has changed, the fundamental customer expectation hasn’t.

They’re not asking whether the underlying technology is clever or complicated. They’re asking what it does for them and their business.

Sidekick doesn’t use AI for AI’s sake. It uses it to handle time-consuming, analytical work, giving users all the benefit for less of the effort. This, to my mind, is the definition of an intelligent application.


Want to learn more about Sidekick? Visit the Sidekick page or get in touch to book a demo.