The Pragma innovation drive rolls on. Last year, we launched CONNECT for iPECS Cloud – our game-changing UC integration service. And now, we’re offering a new feature through the CONNECT platform: ENGAGE.


What is ENGAGE?

ENGAGE is a widget that sits on your customer’s website. When someone visits the site, it offers them one-click voice calls, video calls and AI-powered webchat.

It’s lightweight, it’s simple and yet it’s remarkably effective. This one tool can improve customer experience and increase sales enquiries through a website. What it offers partners is yet another selling point for CONNECT, and another unique offering to help Pragma partners win more opportunities.

So, let’s dive into how it works, and how it’s going to benefit our partners and their customers.


How do calls work on ENGAGE?

The voice and video calls go straight through to the CONNECT interface. Why is this beneficial? Quite simply, because it means the call is completely free for the caller, and it only takes a single click to initiate.

User experience is the key to successful website conversions. The simpler you make it for the user, the more likely they are to complete the desired action – in this case, to call through. And with ENGAGE, it couldn’t be simpler. One click and the call starts, with no charge.

This could well be the last little nudge that convinces people to call with a new business enquiry.


What about the AI-powered webchat? 

This part is exciting for anyone interested in tech. Essentially, ENGAGE scrapes the user’s website. In other words, it reads it and categorises the content. Then, it uses integration with ChatGPT to form natural, accurate and speedy responses to questions.

The key word is “accurate”. ChatGPT is incredibly impressive, but it’s not always factually correct. Our developers have found a way around this. ENGAGE feeds the entire website’s content to ChatGPT, which will only use information on the website to form answers. In other words, if it’s on the website it can answer. If it isn’t, it will say it’s unable to.

“What are your opening hours?”

“What are your prices?”

“How does this particular product work?”

These everyday questions can be cleared up automatically, 24/7/365, by ENGAGE. Your customer saves time, and their customer gets the information they need without waiting in a call queue. What if the query is complex and calls for a personal touch? An agent can jump in at any point and take over the chat. So, ENGAGE offers the automation of AI as well as the personal touch – it really is the best of both worlds.


How does ENGAGE for iPECS Cloud benefit our channel partners?

There’s a simple answer here. If you can deliver all of the above, you’ll retain more customers because what you offer is unique. You’ll win more new business for the same reason. This means you add more recurring revenue streams in the right way: by adding value for your customers.


Offer something unique…

CONNECT for iPECS Cloud is already generating interest and enquiries. As an optional enhancement, ENGAGE will do the same.

End users don’t just want any old cloud platform. They want a solution that meets their unique demands and helps their business to thrive. And through our expanded portfolio of new products and services, we’re helping our partners meet more and more of those demands.


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