Ericsson have seen their share price steadily climb recently. With their leadership position in 5G and focus on the fundamentals their performance in the last 12 months has been strong.

As one half of the joint venture that underpins Pragma in the UK it’s great to see them doing well and reaping the rewards for their innovation and rigorous focus on delivering what their customers need.

Having adjusted for alterations in Q4 2020, the company sales were up 13% year-on-year. The full-year sales had increased by 5% and net profit almost 10x higher than in the full year of 2019. Overall, Ericsson CEO, Borje Ekholm will have plenty to be pleased with as the company’s performance continues to flourish.

The strategy behind the success stems from continuing to drive technology leadership and cost efficiency through R&D investments. Ericsson is currently leading the pack with their 5G offering, now having 127 commercial contracts and 79 operating networks under their belt.

2020 was to most companies a tough year. However, it is always great to read that Ericsson-one of the two great innovators in the technology space continuing to propel themselves into new markest and exciting innovations.