In our recently concluded market survey, we found that over 87% of UK’s comms resellers believe that transitioning customer communications to the cloud will present them with significant opportunities over the next three years.

With cloud adoption rates soaring to as much as 88%* and over 67%* of businesses aiming to increase their adoption of cloud services, it’s no wonder that comms resellers who can seamlessly transfer customers to the cloud stand to gain a competitive advantage.

This is where iPECS Cloud from Ericsson-LG enterprise can help. Our cloud telephony solution leverages decades of expertise shared by two of the world’s largest business communications providers, resulting in a solution that retains the features that users are used to on traditional PBX systems with the added mobility, resilience, flexibility and cost savings of the cloud.

With iPECS Cloud, you can offer your customers a range of features including free call recording, integration with over 120 database applications, the ability to integrate bespoke business tools and an analytics function that provides detailed insights to strengthen your customers’ decision-making processes. Also available is a purpose built mobile and desktop UC client to guarantee your customers’ staff experience the same functionality and seamless collaboration capabilities, whether they’re home-based, on the move or working from a different office.

The dedicated portal will enable your customers to take charge of their communications platform. It will allow them to make modifications and add or remove users, all to ensure their platform has the flexibility to grow with their business.

By choosing to offer iPECS Cloud to customers, you gain access to an end-to-end portfolio that includes everything from handsets and mobile clients through to headsets and portals.  You will also benefit from Ericsson-LG’s product roadmap that delivers regular enhancements and introduces new attachments, resulting in a steady flow of tools to help grow your Average Rate per User (ARPU).

Another unique feature of the iPECS range is that all products are interoperable and can be deployed on-premise or on cloud. This puts you in a unique position as you will be able to move your customers to the cloud at their own pace and help them make the most of their investments by moving most of their hardware from on-premise through to cloud. This affords you the ability to devise customer focussed solutions, without the constant pressure of pushing manufacturer agendas.

Ericsson-LG takes into account what the market actually needs. We regularly engage our channel partners to help shape the product roadmap and make sure our channel partners have a solution that meets the needs of their customers.

iPECS Cloud can give you the edge you need in an overly competitive market. Should you choose to become a reseller of Ericsson-LG’s award-winning products, you can count on our technical, sales and marketing teams to work as an extension of your business to ensure that you can start selling in 4 weeks.

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*Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)