It is a sobering thought to think it was 30-years ago I came across Goldstar, and I’m thrilled to be part of Ericsson-LG’s journey and their UK and global success.

My initial attraction to Ericsson-LG was the end-to-end supply chain and of course, the great products that the teams at Ericsson-LG and Pragma continue to help innovate. The golden ticket has been the supply chain, in that it has always been great end-to-end, from David and Tracy at Crane Telecom to Tim and Will at Pragma. The product has been continuously developed, modernised, kept up-to-date, current, and relevant.

However, the cherry on top for me is the forever reliable policy of ‘supply through reseller channel only’. This strategy alone has provided BDR with so much opportunity to help shape the latest innovations to our customer base but because of our close relationship with Ericsson-LG, we know that our feedback is not only valued but encouraged.

Here’s to the next 30-years.