Get to know our Operations Director, Grace Lawless!


Current Job: Operations Director

First job: Selling ice-cream in a beach kiosk in Eastbourne.

Favourite job (can’t be current job): Joining a graduate technical leadership scheme with General Electric, travelling the world and having the opportunity to study leadership at Crotonville

Favourite qualities in a person: Fun, caring, loyal

What do you appreciate most in your friends: How we have the best laughs and all look out for each other

Your main fault: Perfectionist!

Your idea of happiness: Good music, friends, wine and sunshine

Where would you like to live: I’d love to live in a beachfront house with beautiful sunsets

What is your favourite pastime? I have many! Modern jive, live music, reading, friends, painting, interior design!

Favourite author and book: The Song of Achilles and also Circe by Madeline Miller

Favourite band / musician / song: Goldfrapp and Goldie

Favourite artist: Currently it’s Sarah Arnett but it changes regularly.

Favourite fictional hero or heroine: Any of the Greek gods!

Best piece of advice: Don’t wait!

Best business decision: Setting up and running my own business for 4 years; I left my comfort zone in the rearview mirror, gained experiences I’d never have gained by staying an employee and met many fantastic people.

Any regrets: Nope

If you could give one piece of advice to your 16-year-old self what would it be: Be bold!


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