Our next contender for the Pragma Profiles hot seat is Lily Comms Managing Director, Chris Morrisey. Let’s find out more about him rather than what’s attached to his email signature.


Current job: Managing Director at Lily Comms

First job: Rural paper-round

Favourite job (it can’t be your current job): Group Sales Director at Eurocall

Favourite qualities in a person? Humour and Integrity

Your main fault: Impatience

Your idea of happiness: Getting the balance right of 25/25/25/25: ‘Me-time’, Golf, Travel and other sports, Great times enjoyed with my Partner, Entrepreneurism/learning and Rest

If not yourself, who would you rather be: A dog

Where would you like to live: A balance of UK and Europe

What is your favourite past time: Golf

Favourite band/musician/song: I love all music types – it’s hard to choose!

Favourite artist: Charles Rennie Macintosh

Favourite fictional hero or heroine: Tony Stark

Best piece of advice: A-B-C: Awake…Beathe…Celebrate

Worst business decision: No such thing, I embrace learning from all the millions of mistakes I’ve made, to fail is to win!

Best business decision: Don’t make the same mistake twice

If you could give advice to your 16-year old self, what would it be: Do more of it and faster, be bold, trust that voice, it will guide you in every way!


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