At Pragma, we love all our partners, and they come in all different shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

We have some partners like BDR, who have been successful in the market a long time and have worked with Ericsson-LG Enterprise since they arrived in the UK market back in 1991. Others like Focus Group onboarded soon after Pragma launched in 2012, and many others have joined more recently. In this article, we wanted to highlight the growth we have seen with partners that established a new business and chose Pragma and Ericsson- LG Enterprise as their primary partners.

Over the year, we’ve had the opportunity to play a small part in the growth of some outstanding resellers. Our teams work hard to become an extension of a reseller’s team and ensure that our resellers can win and grow because of our partnership.

One of the great things about our channel is the vibrancy and health of new start-up businesses and the speed of growth that these resellers achieve. A great example of this would be Mint Telecom. Mint were founded in 2015 and chose Pragma as one of its founding partners.

Mint was started in 2015 by Jon Dunn and Damon Smith. They have built a successful business and are one of our most successful start-ups within the Pragma channel.

Jon Dunn, Co-Founder and Sales Director at Mint, commented: “We have loved working with Pragma over the last six years. They have been a massive part of our business, directly helping us to win large opportunities, such as Hozelock, which really helped us accelerate our growth.”

“Mint provides businesses with a full suite of communications, IT and managed print solutions. It enables us to work closely with our customers and deliver a really positive change to their businesses.”

Will Morey, Pragma Sales and Marketing Director, commented: “It is a huge honour to be a part of the growth story of Mint and all of our partners. The team take huge pride in the small role we play in their growth and the outstanding success story that Mint is.”

When a new partner joins, we work hard to make sure they know how much we value them from the start and always try to treat them as our most important customer. The opportunity to support the growth of a young and fast-growing business is part of the Pragma DNA. As a relatively young organisation ourselves, founded in 2012, we know the struggles, fun and opportunity in managing rapid growth.

As a team, we work hard to maintain the mindset of a start-up but complement that with the structure, stability and operational efficiency of a large organisation. It is this blend we see as critical in so many of our reseller partners. Hunger and passion for success and winning in the market aren’t only the preserve of young organisations. The Pragma channel is driven by so many outstanding organisations that are growing faster than ever before.

Ed Savory, Pragma Business Development Director, commented: “Along with many other members of the Pragma team, we feel like an extension of a reseller’s business, and when they succeed and win – so do we! The team at Mint are a great example of a reseller that we have a genuine partnership with and have a mutual bond. Their values and drive are very similar to that of the Pragma team. When we think about Mint like so many of our resellers, we find ourselves saying, ‘if Carlsberg made customers!’”

Damon Smith, Co-Founder and Technical Director at Mint, commented: “Our experience with Pragma from start to finish has been outstanding. The products they sell are great, the training provided has enabled us to sell and install with confidence and the support given when we need it is second to none. Their success and our success are intrinsically linked, and long may that continue.”