Written by Mark Snow

We have all had to make big changes and adaptations this year due to homeworking. Routines have been disrupted, and both our mental health and physical health have been impacted.

What feels like a long time ago now, my working day would have involved spending time on the road, running to catch a train or even just walking over to another department in the office to ask a question.

That has been replaced by sitting in the same chair all day without moving for hours (like the majority of us) as we’re now all doing virtual meetings. Of course, working from home has its benefits but not on our bodies.

Ensuring your team and colleagues are in tip-top health seems more challenging than ever, so I thought I would share some tips that have worked for me when working from home.

Stand Up!

After another injury endured by an online workout class, I was advised to work from a standing position so I could keep my back moving. It has definitely helped, and although I’ve now recovered, I can’t see myself ever sitting down all day again.

I understand I’m not qualified to give health information, but I can’t recommend this way of working enough. I feel stronger, more flexible, have a better posture, and where I’m now constantly moving, I am no longer suffering from neck and shoulder pain. It also means I can close the stand ring on my Apple Watch easier too!

I didn’t spend loads of money on an electronic adjustable desk, so please don’t use this as an excuse. The link below will take you through to Deskmate, who offer a great standing desk product at a reasonable price.

If you haven’t tried working from a standing desk yet, please give it a go. If you already work from a standing desk, please like, share or comment on my original post on LinkedIn. You’ll see from the photos below that I have managed to convert a couple of people in the Pragma team already 😀.

Take a hike.

My second piece of unqualified advice is to take a hike.

Getting out for a walk each day makes a massive difference. Even if it’s just a couple of miles at lunchtime, it can change your whole day and set you up to be happier and more productive.

It’s amazing how quickly the miles rack up, and a regular brisk walk can do wonders for your fitness.

I’ve really missed going to the gym during the lockdown but still made sure I exercised every day. It means I get oxygen to my brain, feel awake and ready for the day.

A walk has really helped me get some fresh air after a busy day trapped indoors. I then feel more relaxed and able to enjoy my evening when work time is over.

My colleagues who own dogs have been walking at lunchtime and said that when walking and seeing other people out and about really helped with their connection to the outside world during the lockdown.

Our reseller Lily would do a daily outdoor walking video call meeting for just fifteen minutes, and they found it helped them feel connected while all at home. I think this is a great idea and something I’m hoping the Pragma team can start too.

Even Harvard Business did a review article on it – which you can read here.

Let’s keep some changes.

As we reach the exit from the lockdown, I have been thinking, what are the good things we can keep from this crazy time.

For me, I love my stand up desk and definitely don’t plan to go back.  Have a look at how you could adopt a stand-up desk into your office set up. As already mentioned, the costs don’t have to be prohibitive.

Getting out for a walk is also a great way of getting some fresh air, change of scene and some exercise. See if you can add in some walking meetings to your day. They seem to have worked for some pretty amazing people, so definitely worth a try. For further reading, the Stand- Up and Take a Hike has definitely worked for me, and I hope it will for you too.

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