Written by Will Morey

The first thing you need to know about Pragma is that we live, breathe and love channel. You’ll see us at every awards event, conference, gathering or envelope-opening because we just can’t resist celebrating reseller and channel success.

Resellers and the channel are part of our DNA – we love it because we get to work with vibrant, entrepreneurial innovators who have a growth mindset. What more could you ask for?

If you cut us in half, we say “reseller” all the way through.

The second thing you need to know about Pragma is that we’re a Cloud service provider with next-level UCaaS technology that’s end-to-end engineered to deliver outstanding user experiences for your customers and you, the reseller.

We’ve worked with Ericsson-LG Enterprise as our primary technology partner to build a highly resilient UCaaS platform that delivers rock-solid performance and huge value for money for your customers, plus huge profit opportunities for you.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, and in the first quarter of this year, we’ve already delivered a new WebRTC platform for UC and collaboration, new licensing structures, enhanced MS Teams integration and a whole host of features our resellers and their customers have requested.

Coming up in the next quarter, we’ll have a contact centre as a service, bespoke integrations for healthcare, vets, dentists, Lite Licence options, and new analytics and reporting.

All of this is delivered through our state-of-the-art data centres – and we’ve just finished a ground-up redesign and rebuild of our entire infrastructure to ensure it can continue to deliver the scale and growth capability we need.

Using the latest VMware technologies, server architectures, and connectivity – all housed in duplicated data centres that sit at the heart of the global communications network – we make sure Five Nine’s reliability is not just an aspiration, but a reality.

When you and your customers buy into a UCaaS vendor and service provider, you buy into reliability, the future roadmap, and R&D. We have all that covered, having consistently delivered innovation, stability and growth since we started.

The third thing you should know about Pragma is that we have experience and heritage.

Our heritage goes all the way back to the early ‘90s. That was when Adamski, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer and Happy Mondays were at the top of the charts. (Side note for Gen Z: charts were something you would listen to on a Sunday afternoon so you could tape your favourite songs from the radio onto your CK90 hits mixtape, and if you don’t know about Vanilla Ice… well, that’s probably for the best).

Heritage matters because we’ve been part of the channel and technology journey, from PBX to Cloud. Ericsson-LG Enterprise has been delivering reliable, resilient and highly featured telephony solutions for a really, really long time – and they know what they’re doing.

We believe it’s incredibly important to be working with two of the world’s largest corporations, who consistently deliver innovation and reliability in every aspect of their business. Their combined revenues top £10bn, and they’ve been around since 1876 and 1947 respectively, which makes them even older than Tim and Will (side note: Tim Brooks and Will Morey founded Pragma in 2012 alongside David George after working in the channel since the ‘90s). And who even knows what was in the charts in 1876.

The benefit for you is that their brands are instantly recognisable and implicitly trusted by your customers. When choosing a UCaaS vendor, customers consistently cite a trusted brand as an important factor.

The fourth and final point is short and sweet. We all love what we do, and we work hard to make sure partnering with us is a fun and rewarding experience. As a Pragma CSP reseller, you’ll feel like a customer, and we promise to treat you like the centre of our world – because that’s exactly what you are.


*Mike drop*

Morey out.


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