Ericsson-LG distributor Pragma unveiled iPECS Cloud to partners during its annual conference held at Whittlebury Hall near Silverstone on February 4th. The launch comes at a time when Ericsson-LG’s confidence in the UK market has ascended to a ten year high.

The Pragma-Ericsson-LG partnership is paying dividends with a 30% rise in sales of on-premise systems last year and significant advances made into the mid-market and larger enterprise space; and in a show of bullish ambition the vendor is eyeing third place in the UK vendor league having moved up to fifth position in MZA’s latest market report.

Will Morey, Director and co-founder of Pragma, said: “Cloud evangelists say that the PBX is dead and cloud is the only option. That isn’t true. But cloud is showing healthy
growth and our partners expect an increasing proportion of their customer base to move to the cloud over the next few years. “Therefore we’ve made
significant investments in taking iPECS-CM and turning the product into a fully virtualised feature rich and reseller friendly cloud platform.”

iPECS Cloud has four engagements models: Dealer, reseller, VSP and full service provider. And everything is wrapped into a portal with four levels of access. Ericsson-LG has a clear roadmap to develop new features, functionality and capabilities for iPECS Cloud with version two planned for release in May, version three in September and another next year.

“Every step of the way Ericsson-LG ensured that iPECS Cloud upholds a reseller centric business model with a strong commercial proposition, simple deployment and bundles for leasing propositions,” commented Morey.

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