Leading channel UC and cloud provider, Pragma, has launched SO Review, a new game changing review tool from SO Connect. Pragma is the sole UK distributor of automated marketing tool SO WIFI and SO Review. These platforms are a real opportunity for resellers to help their end user customers on their digital transformation journey. Automating social media marketing and management of online reviews is a critical component in helping companies adapt to the new realities of customer engagement.

SO Review empowers businesses to respond to reviews in one central place from bringing together reviews from multiple platforms into one simple dashboard. Pulling together reviews from TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook, Instagram and JustEat to name a few, not only saves time and improves rankings but also drives more positive reviews. Beating the competition has been made one step easier with SO Review’s ability draw direct comparisons with a business’s competition.pport Team of the Year.

Will Morey, Sales and Marketing at Pragma commented “This new product provides a fantastic opportunity for resellers to engage their customers in better utilising social media as part of their marketing plan. Marketing budgets typically far exceed comms and technology budgets and this gives resellers very direct access into that opportunity.”

Named Reseller of the Year 2018 at the Pragma awards, Cloudsource Technologies commented “We were early adopters of SO WIFI and immediately saw the invaluable benefits of capturing data when visitors log into free WIFI. This has enabled our customers to not only better target its marketing efforts but deliver communications through its automated marketing tool. With the changing buyers journey, online reviews can make or break a company. Being able to respond to all reviews from a central platform and with easy competitive comparisons we have already had customers taking advantage of SO Review making their business more competitive.

Daan Donders, CEO and Founder of SO Connect, “We have seen huge growth in the global markets where we have launched SO Review, and know that the UK will be another great success story. Online reviews can make or break a restaurant or bar, and this new product helps ensure that reviews contribute to the success of a great hospitality location.”

Featured in Comms Dealer, Comms Business and UC Today.