Pragma is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Firstcom Europe, a key player in delivering Cloud solutions in the UK since 2004. With a dedicated team of over 190 professionals across 13 offices and a customer base exceeding 14,000, Firstcom Europe has consistently delivered cutting-edge cloud solutions, guiding clients from legacy technology to user-friendly, feature-rich cloud platforms.

Choosing iPECS Cloud Solution:

Firstcom Europe has selected Pragma and the iPECS Cloud solution from Ericsson-LG as the ideal fit for their next phase of growth. CEO Christian Bleakley notes that after evaluating the market, iPECS Cloud has evolved into a superior Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) offering, surpassing other providers. The end-to-end solution provided by Ericsson-LG, including unique features like ‘ANYWHERE,’ sets iPECS Cloud apart, making it a compelling choice for winning new business.

Endorsement from Firstcom Europe Leadership:

Christian Bleakley expressed confidence in the iPECS Cloud offering, emphasising the significant investment and development it has undergone to position itself as a market leader. Sales Manager Dominic Pedder commended Pragma’s exceptional account management, highlighting the unparalleled support received, while Technical Manager Mark Watson praised the product’s flexibility during installation and set-up, coupled with professional technical training provided by Pragma.

CEO, Christian Bleakley, said:

‘We looked at the iPECS Cloud offering from Pragma when it was first launched in 2016 but it didn’t quite fit into our portfolio.  Looking across the market at the best product for us today, iPECS Cloud has clearly benefitted from significant investment to competes against and surpasses any other UCaaS providers in the market.  The end-to-end solution provided by Ericsson-LG is a great story and additions like ‘ANYWHERE’ are a real differentiator for winning new business.’

Sales Manager, Dominic Pedder, said:

‘The account management we receive from Pragma is better than any other vendor we’ve worked with.  They come to our office and our whole team feel supported. They are keen to provide assistance developing sales opportunities and providing demonstrations and my team are confident knowing someone is always at the end of the phone to help as they are building their knowledge.’

Technical Manager, Mark Watson, said:

‘My team love the flexibility the product gives them when it comes to installation and set-up.  The technical training was professional and we were hand held with our first few installations by Pragma to make sure they went in smoothly while it was still new to us.’

Looking Ahead:

The partnership between Pragma and Firstcom Europe signifies a momentous collaboration between two industry leaders. Pragma, as the sole UK provider of iPECS Cloud with Ericsson-LG technology, reinforces its commitment to delivering top-tier services to its partners. Both companies are excited to see what the future holds and anticipate the positive impact of this collaboration.

Pragma and Firstcom Europe are set for a long-term partnership that combines technological excellence with exceptional service. The coming years are sure to demonstrate huge developments in cloud communication solutions, driven by the shared vision and expertise of these two dynamic entities.