Ensuring a great experience online is just one of the many benefits of working with Pragma as your UCaaS provider. To bring more transparency on what we are actively working on to perfectly cater to our reseller’s needs, we’ve been working with a range of our partners to discuss our eCommerce portal in more detail. 

In this 2-part blog series, we discussed what our resellers, Mode Communications and Yellowcom, wanted from the Pragma eCommerce portal including what they think are the great benefits and what they think needs improving. Let’s hear from Andy Fung, Mode’s Technical Director on his thoughts: 

How does this portal compare with our competitors? “The website navigation is clearly defined so it helps our team easily find everything they are looking for. One part I like in particular is the ‘My Account’ section, it helps us find the products we regularly order and saves us a lot of time.” 

Is there anything our competitors are doing that we aren’t? “Other portals that we use often have an e-chat widget function that can answer and solve commonly asked questions. Another great functionality to see would be an ‘often purchased together’ pop-up. For example, if we ordered PHONE-LiNK, the recommended additional product would be a Tappy Licence. These examples would be great to see on the portal in future releases.” 

What does your ordering process look like? “The installations are booked a couple of weeks in advance. We will then place the equipment order via the eCommerce website ahead of time so it arrives in time for the installation.” 

How is the Portal overall? “We’ve been using the portal since 2018 and it fits our needs perfectly.” 

Is there anything that you would like me to pass on in general? “We love working with Helen, Rob and the team – they’re doing a fantastic job.” 

Pragma’s Response: We are pleased to confirm that the feature request for a new chat function is now being planned and will shortly be implemented to the eCommerce website.  

If you want to find out more about our e-Commerce website and making it easier to order iPECS products online, please get in touch with our Orders and Provisioning team at orders@wearepragma.co.uk. 

Thank you, Andy for your comments and feedback.



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