iPECS ES-2000

Advanced Smart Switch Series

iPECS ES-2000

Today, SMBs are facing more and more challenges with the growing complexity of IT Solutions and their limited budgets and resources. However, they have to operate in the same business environment competing against larger enterprises.

With the vision to deliver a solution to best solve these SMB business challenges, the iPECS Ethernet Switch families are designed to be simple to install, smart to manage, highly reliable and affordable. The iPECS Ethernet Switch can solve the needs of varying environments and challenges with less effort and lower investment both now and in the future as the business grows.

The new ES-2000/2000G is a family of Layer 2 advanced smart switches optimized for SMBs looking for reliable and cost effective layer 2 workgroup switches along with key switching features. These simple to install and easy to manage switches enable administrators to quickly and easily build the networks at an affordable cost.

ES-2000 series comes in 4 models from Fast Ethernet to Gigabit Ethernet offering multiple choices to address various demands and network environments flexibly and affordably. In addition, ES-2000 series delivers key layer 2 switching features, QoS, built-in security and Power over Ethernet (POE). The user-friendly intuitive GUI makes it easy to configure the ES-2000 to meet the customer needs.

To reduce the complexity and often time-consuming configuration process, LG-Ericsson offers an industry-unique solution, the Unified Device Manager (iPECS-UDM). UDM enables network administrators to quickly and easily manage multiple iPECS switches across the network.

These new LG-Ericsson switches also incorporate the latest technologies such as Green Ethernet and PoE plus. ES-2000 switches can connect to high power consuming devices like 802.11n APs and multimedia videophones by providing up to 30 watts to these devices while connecting to other low power devices.

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