As competition in the business communications space intensifies, the need to be unique becomes more pronounced than ever. While competitors race one another to the bottom of the price list with hopes of standing out, you can take the easier, more sustainable approach that will see your revenues grow.

To stand out in a sea of me-too proposals, you need to offer demonstrable business benefits. In essence, you need to move away from bog-standard communications solutions and provide customers with additional attachments that add value and address their pain-points. This approach will ensure a steady increase in your gross profit and give your customers unique solutions that align perfectly with their needs.

A recent market analysis carried out by one of our leading partners found that there was only a 4% application attachment rate across the products they sell. This was mainly because applications were more of an afterthought, something that was only mentioned in passing to customers if they happened to bring it up themselves. In a world where improved convenience, compliance and mobility are considered unique selling propositions, resellers cannot afford to ignore attachments like call recording, call reporting, UC software or headsets and need to educate their customers about them every chance they get.

You’re probably thinking it’s easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve got an approach that’s been tried and tested, and it could work well for you too. Our three-step approach is as easy as saying M-E-D!

  • Mention applications in every meeting and proposal
  • Explain the benefits as many end-users will be unaware of the advantages to business
  • Demonstrate how the customer can benefit

Highlighting the benefits is what will set you on your way to increasing your gross profit per deal. That’s where we come in. Pragma has helped reseller partners learn the art of showing customers the benefits for years!

Our demo training sessions will make sure you’re not just another reseller with a boring, unmemorable presentation. Our comprehensive training model will cover everything from UCS/UCE through to Cloud portal applications and ensure you’ve got the skills and knowledge to put together a winning solution for customers.

With improved demo-delivery skills and access to a host of unique value adding attachments, you’ll be well on your way to adding 20% more to your gross profit margins. The extensions below will help solidify that.

  • Headsets – Our iPECS branded headsets are available exclusively through Pragma. You can’t find pricing online and they work seamlessly with our handsets
  • ClickCall – The click to dial solution that saves on average 25 seconds per call and eliminates misdialling
  • UCS/UCE – Pave the way for Outlook integration, IM, presence, call control and much more
  • Call recording – Helps solve disputes, facilitates staff training and provides improved compliance
  • Call analytics – A set of tools to help customers monitor and improve staff/business efficiency
  • ACB – 8, 25 and 100 user options with web GUI and name recording upon entry (conference slider unit)
  • WebFax – Help customers send/receive faxes through the iPECS Cloud portal

Want to learn more? Fill in this form and we’ll get back to you to discuss how we can help you add 20% more gross profit in to your deals.

Ed Savory

Senior Business Development Manager