Meeting sales targets and individual profit margins doesn’t always have to be a struggle. You can grow your revenue streams, deliver enhanced business efficiency and a higher ROI to customers, all while creating better end-user experiences.

Yes, it sounds too good to be true, but in reality, it’s as easy as adding ContactQ to your portfolio!

ContactQ is a multi-channel communications platform that enables the intelligent handling of calls using a common interface design and provides end-users with multiple touchpoints, including web chat, self-service, dialler, email, social media and telephony.

But before we tell you more about how it can help, we’d like to address some common misconceptions.  Some believe that contact centres are:

  • Too complicated
  • Too unfamiliar (simply because they haven’t sold contact centre solutions before)
  • Too large

But here’s the truth….

It’s not too complicated: The solution itself is pretty straightforward. The ContactQ pricing includes full project management and implementation, if your customers hit a snag at any point, they can make the most of the 2-year support that’s included.

It won’t be unfamiliar territory if you get extensive support: You might not have sold a contact centre solution before, but we’re here to help. We will provide full demo support, project management, and training, along with any additional support for you might need for installations.

Are 3 users too many?:  Yes, you read that right. ContactQ can be implemented in contact centres with as little as 3 users, and it has the scalability to include hundreds more, as your customers grow.

Now that we’ve dispelled the myths, let’s look at what this solution can actually do to help businesses overcome ongoing challenges.

  • Handling customer contact with equal importance – ContactQ allows end-users to get in touch using multiple touchpoints. This includes calls, email, chat, social media, self-service and dialler, they will get prominence regardless of the channel they choose. It also enables businesses to keep better track of interactions with customers. ContactQ can give quick and easy access to all types of communications with customers across a myriad of channels.
  • Route calls in the quickest, most efficient way – this solution enables calls to be routed based on skill set, language, issues raised, number dialled, number called in on, or even the relevant brand/product. In addition, it ensures that calls get routed to the right person, every time.
  • Audit trail – with the ability to record and playback all transactions and link through different contact types from each end-user, your customers will always have an audit trail and will be able to enjoy greater peace of mind thanks to enhanced compliance.
  • Stats and analytics on performance – live and historical data on wallboards that meet industry regulations while being PCI compliant, will give your customers the information they need to facilitate their decision-making processes.

These are just a few of the great benefits you can pass down to customers with ContactQ. Fill in your details here to learn more.

Ed Savory

Senior Business Development Manager