A majority of comms resellers come from an on-premise telephony background and have a wealth of experience in positioning these systems to win over customers. Sadly, the same cannot be said about cloud technology. Despite its rapid growth around the world, cloud telephony lies beyond the comfort zone of many sales professionals.

With an 88% cloud adoption rate and 67% of users gunning to increase their adoption of cloud services*, a lot is at stake for those who aren’t willing to step out of their comfort zones and offer cloud-based solutions to customers.

We at Pragma, are here to make the transition much less daunting. Our exclusive offering of iPECS cloud, from Ericcson-LG, a company with decades of experience in designing award-winning PBX solutions, will give you all the features and benefits you’re used to selling, on the cloud.

iPECS Cloud is tailored to deliver reliable and simple communication capabilities to your customers from our highly secure and resilient data centres. This eliminates the need to maintain phone systems and makes it much easier to manage everything through handsets, web portals and applications.

Another stand-out feature is that all iPECS products are interoperable, and can be deployed across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. This puts you in a unique position by giving you the flexibility to transition customers to the cloud at their own pace.

iPECS cloud offers greater scalability as well. You can scale from 5-30,000 users using a single solution without breaking a sweat. But that’s not all, Ericsson-LG has a clearly communicated investment plan and road-map for next 3-5 years, all to ensure that the solutions you offer your customers are nothing short of future-proof.

Sure, iPECS cloud makes the transition from traditional telephony sales to cloud much easier, but we will go the extra-mile to give you additional support you need to rub shoulders with the giants of the cloud communications space. Our dedicated sales, marketing and technical teams will help you develop your product strategy, carry out training sessions to give you all the information you need to start selling cloud, and partner with you to develop a robust pricing strategy, all while helping you brush up your product demonstration skills.

Being ready to embrace change and saying yes to iPECS cloud is half the battle won, we’re here to help you win the rest.  Find out more and register your interest here.

*  Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) 

Helen Ranaghan

Senior Business Development Manager