With 81% of companies recognising that Customer Experience (CX) is a key differentiator*, and 72% of businesses saying that improving CX is their top priority*, it’s no wonder that delivering better CX has become a priority for businesses.

Understanding CX is easier if you have access to analytics. The right tools will help you get an understanding of how end-users feel during and after interactions with a company’s products, people, systems and channels. Tracking end-users through various touch points throughout the customer journey will help gain a better understanding of their needs and wants, and how the reality compares to their expectations. This is the information you need to understand your customers’ pain-points and devise solutions to help overcome them.

Tollring helps you differentiate your offering and stand out by leveraging CX to your advantage. But first, let’s look at the information you need to get you on your way. Ask your customers these questions:

  • How long does it take to answer calls?
  • How long are their end-users prepared to wait to be answered?
  • How long did they need to wait to be answered?
  • Was the call answered?
  • If it was missed, what happened?
  • Did you call them back?
  • Did they call you back?
  • Was the route to the agent simple or convoluted?
  • Do you have enough staff available at the right time?

Our solution helps find answers to all these questions and gives your customers the tools they need to review answer times and Grade of Service (GoS). With greater granularity of the information offered, your customers could even find out how many calls they’ve missed and how much that has cost their business.

In addition, our consolidated dashboard will provide your customers with an executive summary so decision makers can identify trends and issues, monitor and maintain customer service levels, and spot anomalies quickly to understand underlying business challenges.

The solution can be deployed on desktop, hybrid and cloud and could very well be the competitive differentiator your customers have been looking for. Building this into your sales proposal and being able to help them identify prevalent customer service issues might be all you need to tip the scales in your favour.

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* Quoted from research undertaken by Dimension Data / Gartner / Walker / Forrester

Simon Whatley

Director of Sales Operations at Tollring