By Alex Green. Interview with Jolene Larter.

Looking back to when you were a kid yourself, was your perception of your parent’s jobs any different to what they actually did? I remember throughout my entire childhood thinking that my Dad worked in advertising, and because of it, I wanted to work in marketing. Well, it turns out that he actually worked in the media industry and in Business Development – shows how much I actually listened to him when he spoke about his job! Fast forward 20 years, and I am still pursuing a career in marketing and absolutely loving it.

As we mentioned in our last article, 33% of our executive team are women, 50% of our management team are women and 36% of our overall team are women. For this piece Jolene has been talking to her daughters about her job and what they inspire to be as they get older. Let’s hear from Ava and Seren:

Jolene: What is my job called? Ava: A Telecoms Manager | Seren: Pragma

Jolene: What do I do when I’m at work? Ava: You send lots of emails, make charts and type numbers | Seren: You sort out the telephone boxes, type and organise people

Jolene: What is your ultimate dream job? Ava: A zoo keeper | Seren: Nail designer or café owner

Jolene: Do you have a hero and why are they your hero? Ava: Mummy and Daddy because they look after me and help me to learn | Seren: Miss Collins because she is the best teacher in the world, she is kind and teaches us lots

Jolene: Do you have a role model? Ava: I am inspired by David Attenborough | Seren: My mum is my role model because she is kind, sensible and fun with lots of love and care

Jolene: Do you consider yourself a leader? Ava: I like to be a leader at school but I am not a leader at the moment | Seren: Not really

Jolene: What characteristics make a good leader? Ava: Kind, helpful, a bit stern, organised, happy and not grumpy | Seren: If they include everyone, and make people do stuff

Jolene: What makes a good friend? Ava: Someone who always has your back and is kind | Seren: A good friend is always by your side

Jolene: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Ava: Loyal, kind and brave | Seren: Kind, funny and sassy

Jolene: What are you most proud of? Ava: My story writing and who I am | Seren: How my family is so kind and that we have a house

Jolene: What do you want people to know about you? Ava: I am passionate about animals and climate change | Seren: That I am going to have twins, one boy and one girl


Stay tuned to hear more articles just like this as we publish more parent-daughter/son interviews from the people of Pragma.