By Alex Green. Interview with Grace Lawless.

We’ve mentioned previously, 33% of our executive team are women, 50% of our management team are women and 36% of our overall team are women. For this piece Grace has been talking to her daughter about her job and what her daughter inspires to be as she gets older:

Grace: What is my job called? Robyn: Manager and Unicorn Tamer.

Grace: What do I do when I’m at work? Robyn: Managing and planning stuff and projects.

Grace: What is your ultimate dream job? Robyn: A lawyer or a doctor or something to do with children.

Grace: Do you have a hero and why are they your hero? Robyn: Milly Bobby Brown. She’s dyslexic and an actor in Stranger Things and she’s amazing.

Grace: Do you consider yourself a leader? Robyn: Yes. I’m one of the alphas in our group.

Grace: What characteristics make a good leader? Robyn: Being kind, someone who understands people and emotions but has got a funny and crazy personality.

Grace: What makes a good friend? Robyn: Kind, caring, loyal, trustworthy, always there for others. I give my best friend lots of advice.

Grace: If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Robyn: Sassy or crazy, understanding, loyal.

Grace: What are you most proud of? Robyn: That the other day I texted people by writing and typing and not my voice and I only had to use my voice for one word.

Grace: What do you want people to know about you? Robyn: I’m a very good person to talk to.


Stay tuned to hear more articles just like this as we publish more parent-daughter/son interviews from the people of Pragma.