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Enable your customers to take control of their business listings with the click of a single button, all while helping you grow your billing revenue

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Increase revenue while helping your customers attract more business

Pragma and SO Connect bring you Web Listings, an online listing solution that has been designed to help comms resellers provide more value while increasing their monthly billing revenue.

At a time when comms resellers are experiencing a decline in their billing revenue due to the transition from ISDN to SIP, Web Listings, with its bulk deployment model can help comms resellers to not only increase their revenue, but also gain a competitive advantage by offering a technology that was previously available exclusively for brands with bigger budgets.

Here’s why your customers need Web Listings


With over a 900% increase of local searches for businesses online over the past two years and more than 45% of all Google searches being for location-based information, it has become crucial for businesses to optimise their online presence for local searches.

Until now, the technology that enables the seamless update of information, be it opening times, details of accepted payment methods or contact information have only been available to larger businesses with deep pockets.

Imagine the possibilities 

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