It’s a beautiful late summer’s day in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s just gone 9am and the key note presentations are already underway at the 2018 Ericsson-LG Global Partner conference. I am not sure what I was expecting to be honest given that I have only been back in the Ericsson-LG family for a little over 4 months but based on previous vendor conferences I have attended I would not have been surprised to have been served up the standard mix of ‘corporatisms’ and calls to ‘get back to what we do best’….or similar.

But no, the messages delivered throughout the day were refreshingly succinct, to the point and ‘real world’. Understand your customer or lose out in this modern, fast-paced world or digital transformation was the key take-away for me. We need to listen to our customers, understand their business and deliver solutions to their problems. And Ericsson-LG appear to have done just this with an exciting line-up of product updates and launches over the coming months and years. Here’s some key highlights from Ericsson-LG’s view of the future;

  • Application consolidation & development: Ericsson-LG are acutely aware of the need to stay current, and where possible – ahead of the game when it comes to the way in which the user interfaces with the various platforms. Over the next 2 years we will see further development of the desktop and mobile clients with a greater focus around webRTC and more excitingly Ericsson-LG have committed to considerable expansion around the API side of their platforms. These developments will enable Ericsson-LG channels around the world to seek out ‘best of breed’ software developers and open an even greater number of opportunities. The easier it is for the end-user to interface with AND use the E-LG platforms, the more likely we are to retain those customers in the long term.
  • Online collaboration: Applications such as iPECS Meetings will deliver the capability for users to meet, collaborate & share documents from within their w
  • eb browser taking iPECS Cloud to a whole new level of functionality.
  • Cloud, Cloud, Cloud: No surprise here but there is significant, ongoing development from Ericsson-LG around iPECS Cloud with several releases planned over the coming 12 to 18 months. These releases will deliver updates around back end portals and interfaces as well as user features and functionality
  • New Phones: We asked, Ericsson-LG delivered. 2 test samples were unveiled to an expectant distributor-only audience and it is fair to say that feedback was unanimously positive with Ericsson-LG sticking very close to the original draft designs that were shared with us recently. The new desk phone range will be available towards the later part of 2019 and based on the samples on show we can expect them to be very well received. Given how important the phones are to the overall aesthetic of any platform it is exciting that we will have one of (if not) the best-looking range of phones in the market today. We voted on our preferred style and provided additional styling feedback whilst we were at the conference.


The future’s bright for Ericsson-LG Partners – a future that promises we will all be winning with iPECS!