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Empowering businesses to respond to all online reviews in one central place

Welcome to SO REVIEW 

Did you know…customers who view user-generated content show 133% higher conversion rate, and consumer reviews are trusted 12 times more than descriptions from manufacturers. Now you know the facts we want to help improve your online review ranking and help your business growth with just a few simple steps.

SO Review empowers businesses to respond to all reviews in one central place, from bringing together reviews from multiple platforms into one simple dashboard. This will not only save you time and improve your ranking but drives more positive reviews and enables you to do direct comparisons with your competition.

Key Features
• Respond to reviews directly
• Compare scores with competitors
• Review notifications
• SO Review dashboard
• 24/7 review support
• TripAdvisor Review Express

Download the SO Review Overview Here

Welcome to SO REVIEW

Why SO Review?

Save a lot of time 

SO Review scans and collects all your reviews from various platforms into a dashboard where you can reply to all your reviews directly.

Collect more positive reviews

Collects more reviews by sending a targeted message after a customer visit. You can easily convert a happy customer into a positive review.

Improve your ranking

We help improve the quality, quantity and recency of your reviews. That’s how review sites reward you with a higher ranking. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Beat the competition

Select your competitors and compare their reviews, ranking and scores on topics such as food and service with your own. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Just some of the supported review sites…

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