Get to know our Focus Group’s Technical Director, Vicki Rishbeth!


What’s your connection to Pragma:  We partner with Pragma to sell the full suite of LG services and products.

Current Job: Technical Director, Focus Group

First job:  Chambermaid

Best job (can’t be current job):  Setting aside this one… was pretty fun running student bars in Southampton.

Favourite qualities in a person: Integrity, passion, energy!

What do you appreciate most in your friends? Probably those qualities above. Very privileged to have a fantastic bunch of humans around me.

Your main fault: I can be a little too direct….

Your idea of happiness: Climbing a big mountain with my pals and my pooch.

If not yourself who would you rather be: Hmmm I’m not a fan of that question… you can be whoever you want to be right

Where would you like to live: Sydney… the lifestyle there

What is your favourite pastime? Crossfitting or Olympic Weightlifting

Favourite author and book: Too many to choose from, Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron is one I go back to.

Favourite band / musician / song: Actually don’t have one… eclectic music taste….!

Favourite artist: A chap called Olly Howe based down in Cornwall.

Favourite fictional hero or heroine: She Ra…..or Bond.

Best piece of advice: Hard work pays off.

Worst business decision: A hosted platform that shall not be named.

Best business decision: Deciding to take a telesales position for a couple of upstarts I met at a BBQ in 2005…


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