Meet Patrick, the CEO at Ericsson-LG Enterprise – the significant partnership that keeps us going.


Current job: CEO at Ericsson-LG

First job: Mailman or maybe we should say postman. Biking around in residential areas being chased by dogs…

Favourite job (can’t be current job): Really tricky since I feel that all jobs I’ve had has plenty of fun and learnings in them. If I need to pick one maybe I would say when I moved to Hanoi to head up the CFO organization and New Sales for Ericsson in Vietnam. My first posting overseas.

Favourite qualities in a person: Positive spirit, open to change, brave but not foolish and a good sense of humour.

Your main fault: Very tricky question since I have so many faults…. Talking too much, being overly optimistic sometimes, too rushed…take your pick!

What do you appreciate in your friends most: I don’t have too many close friends but the ones I have I cherish because of the trust and I know that they are always there.

Your idea of happiness: My friends and family being safe and ok. I know a cheesy answer.

If not yourself, who would you rather be? James Bond. Always wanted to be a cool agent with a lot of gadgets.

Where would you like to live: A place that has seasons, but the summer is very loooooong. Come to think of it, my preferred option would be to be able to live in different places so I can get the variation.

What is your favourite pastime: Sorry I don’t understand the question? I thought everything was about work-life integration, especially now working from home. Jokes aside, I like a quiet time with some fresh air that can be both at the seaside or out in the forest.

Favourite band / musician / song: I have a quite broad taste in music but there is one group that has stayed with me for a very long time. The kings of electronic pop music: The Pet Shop Boys -No, I am not ashamed.

Favourite fictional hero or heroine: I already picked a fictional person as the person I wanted to be 😊

Best piece of advice: Stay positive and anything is possible. Listen to your friends, they are on your side even if you sometimes might feel that they are not if you disagree.

Best business decision: Remains to be seen I hope, but I would say staying away from anything I don’t understand such as crypto currencies…

Worst business decision: All cars I have ever bought. Fun many times, but a financial disaster.

Any regrets? One can’t change history so why regret?

If you could give one piece of advice to your 16-year old self, what would it be? Think less and do more.

Team followed (any sport!): Sadly, I’m not a vivid fan of any specific team but I can enjoy a good game of many sports. One sport I still struggle with though is Cricket. I studied my “Cricket for dummies” book very well and went to many tests (just figuring out the different game set-ups is complicated) living in India. To me, it seems that there is always a new rule to learn.


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