Pragma today announced their partnership with Multimessage to provide repair and warranty services on the Ericsson-LG product range. Pragma has rapidly grown in a matter of months winning the support of many resellers with their focus on strong customer relationships and unparalleled levels of support. Throughout their business model Pragma have focused on creating partnerships with the best in class partners and Multimessage is no exception. Multimessage and Pragma now offer a full repair service on the latest Ericsson-LG products right the way back to legacy products such as the GSX. This service is exclusive to Pragma resellers. Paul Morgan, Business Development Manager at Multimessage Systems, comments “As one of the largest Repair Centres in the U.K. we are extremely pleased to have been chosen as Pragma’s preferred Repair Vendor.” Paul adds “having grown Multimessage from a single vendor repair operation to a multiple vendor repair and logistics centre over a 10 year period we feel we are well positioned to provide the professional support services required by Pragma and their network of resellers. We are established as a global repair centre for Avaya and a BT Service Partner and have a full 50,000 sq ft repair, storage and logistics facility that enables us to offer a complete one-stop repair and logistics solution.” The partnership provides a dedicated and easy to use web portal where resellers can understand the warranty status of any item sold by Pragma through its serial number and track online its progress as it moves rapidly through the repair cycle. Multimessage also offer a chargeable repair service if items are out of warranty at a very competitive price. Will Morey, Marketing Director, Pragma commented “We believe we need to partner with the best to ensure our resellers get the service and support they need in every aspect of our business. We have jointly invested in this facility including the supply of directly sourced manufacturer components to deliver a service that is significantly ahead of anything previously available to Ericsson-LG resellers.”

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