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Network Services

Pragma Networks was founded to provide a network services proposition for resellers who want to provide a full solution for their customers, including network connectivity.

With big advances in the network to support the power of IP systems with SIP trunking and inbound services, Pragma Networks has the ideal proposition. With Pragma Networks you are able to provide your customer the solutions they need to make the most of their Ericsson-LG iPECS technology.

Pragma Networks provide iNET SIP trunks and Inbound services and offer a fully tested, supported and resilient solution. With billing solutions for both wholesale and dealer models we are confident we can provide all of the elements of a winning network solution for your customers.

Key features of the Pragma proposition include:

  • iNET SIP Trunk solutions engineered for Ericsson-LG iPECS
  • Complete back up and support across the Ericsson-LG iPECS hardware and the network
  • Full configuration and secure implementation documentation and support
  • Competitive call rates
  • Wholesale and Dealer billing solutions
  • Stable and resilient platform in BT IP Exchange
  • Full marketing and operational support to ensure you win the deal and secure the customer

With over 100 customers already enjoying the benefits of iNET SIP trunks and inbound services we are confident we can help your customers win with SIP and network services. 

iNET Inbound

iNET Inbound is the perfect partner for your Ericsson-LG iPECS technology offering enhanced control, visibility and monitoring of lines and inbound call traffic. iNET Inbound provides instant access and control for geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (09/08/03) numbers.

iNET Inbound enables you to empower your customers with the tools they need to enhance their customer service and proactively manage their call routing and monitoring.

Using iNET Inbound services you can configure solutions for your customers that gives them as much control as they woulkd like of their inbound numbers. From simple services such as call routing through to complex customer contact solutions with detailed analytics iNET Inbound is the answer.

Inbound Services provides:

  • Area based call routing
  • Time of day routing
  • Day of week routing
  • Busy diversions
  • Out of hours diversions
  • Call announcements
  • Call recording
  • Auto attendant option
  • Reporting and analysis

Using Inbound Services you can create significant value for your customers as well as a monthly recurring revenue stream with no upfront costs or investment. Pragma Networks provides you with the tools the suppoirt and the infrastructure to deliver Inbound Services that differentaite you from your competitors and secure your customers.

Contact John in the Pragma Networks team to sign up now.

iNET SIP Trunks

An integral component of any iPECS solution is the connectivity solution you choose to connect the system to the network.

Connectivity options have changed radically with the introduction of SIP trunks and SIP provides huge benefits to the end user and great opportunities for resellers.

Historically only two choices have been available for connecting your iPECS into the network analogue or digital. While analogue offers a basic low cost option it provides limited functionality and limited opportunity to scale or support larger configurations. Digital or ISDN connectivity has been the primary method of connection offering a variety of basic features such as DDI or support of data connections for videoconferencing.

As communications have shifted to IP utilising LAN infrastrure on the customers site to support telephony and elminating the need for a costly duplicated network big changes in the network have also enabled the delivery of SIP trunks as a great option for connecting your iPECS to the network.

The Ericsson-LG iPECS was designed from the ground up as an IP system and has outstanding capability to integrate the full power and capability of SIP trunks into your business. With this capability Pragma recognised the opportunity for Ericsson-LG resellers to drive adoption of SIP Trunks in the UK market. To ensure that this new technology would be well supported and provide the resilience needed by UK businesses Pragma established Pragma Networks and invested in the technology, support and resources to deliver a trusted SIP Trunk service. With end to end support on the Ericsson-LG iPECS, SIP Trunk and supporting data network resellers can be confident of deliver a SIP based solution they can be 100% confident in.

SIP trunks offer a range of services that enable small and large enterprises as well as public sector organisations to secure features, functionality and cost savings that will benefit their organisation.


Key features and benefits of SIP Trunks include:

  • Cost saving – SIP Trunk connectivity delivers significant savings over other methods of network connection with lower line rental, lower call costs, true convergence of your voice and data network and free internal call costs between sites.
  • Flexibility – SIP Trunks provide the flexibility that all businesses need to compete in today’s economy. With rapid provisioning of new lines, reduction in lines as you rationalise sites and the ability move office anywhere but retain your geographic numbers with no expensive forwarding costs.
  • Disaster Recovery – With your lines completely independent of your locations disaster recovery plans can quickly be lanned and implemented to respond to whatever situation your business faces. With the iNET web based portal where your numbers terminate can be changed in an instant and can even be pre-planned based on planned scenarios.
  • Stable and resilient – The iNET SIP platform sits at the heart of the BT IP Exchange and ensures that your network connectivity offers the resileince you need. With complete control of your lines and the ability to rapidly respond to any situation you can be sure calls will keep flowing into your business and your service is assured.
  • Cloud based services – Utilising iNET SIP Trunks you can secure all of the advantages of Cloud based services combined with the stability, resilience and cost efficiency of an onsite Ericsson-LG iPECS system. Services such as cloud based call recording or scenario based call routing compliment your Ericsson-LG iPECS system and deliver real customer value.

With a range of benefits for the end user including significant cost savings Pragma support Ericsson-LG resellers in helping customers adopt SIP Trunk with minumum risk and maximum confidence and profit.

Contact John in the Pragma Networks team today to sign up.

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