Ensuring a great experience online is just one of the many benefits of working with Pragma as your UCaaS provider. To bring more transparency on what we are actively working on to perfectly cater to our reseller’s needs, we’ve been working with a range of our partners to discuss our eCommerce portal in more detail. 

In the second part of this blog series, we discussed Yellowcom’s feedback on the Pragma eCommerce portal, what they think are the great benefits and what they think needs improving. Let’s hear from Angela Preston, Yellowcom’s Procurement Manager on her thoughts: 

What are your overall thoughts on the Portal? “It’s good. It’s simple, easy to use and the ability to find products has been made easier with the favourites and top products tabs.” 

What improvements would make your lives easier? “Maybe having a pop-up window that comes up as a quick ordering method where you can add multiple products. Also having multiple delivery address dropdown options so you can send different products to different sites from one order. These would be great to see in the future.” 

How does this portal compare with our competitors? “We don’t have another vendor that has this type of portal for us to use – you’re the first.” 

How do you record things on your side when placing an order? “Every order we receive is added to our CRM system where it is attached to the customer’s name and then assigned to the sales representative who is managing the deal. We then generate a purchase order and place the order on the e-Commerce site.” 

Is there anything that our competitors are doing that we aren’t? “No, not really. Our communications are really good with all of our vendors when it comes to confirming information for installation sites.” 

Pragma’s Response: We are pleased to confirm that the feature request to be able to order directly from search results and favourite products has been implemented and is now available to use. We are currently investigating the possibility to be able to send products to multiple sites in a single order. 

If you want to find out more about our e-Commerce website and making it easier to order iPECS products online, please get in touch with our Orders and Provisioning team at orders@wearepragma.co.uk. 

Thank you, Angela for your comments and feedback. 



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