Later this month, we are running our third Ideas Lab event. We started running this event to share great ideas and opportunities to drive growth for your businesses. 

In 2019, we toured the UK during our first event, starting in Scotland and then running events in Leeds, Gloucester and London.

Three years later, people still talk to me about some of our ideas at the first event. The most memorable one seems to be Simplificationalism. A plea to sales and marketing people in the tech industry to remember the end-user in the sales process and stop talking in techno-babble acronyms. The other people seem to remember, and I can’t imagine why is: What can we learn from the porn industry? In this presentation, I looked at the porn industry and how it had undergone a rapid technological change. I identified some key elated we could learn from and had some laughs along the way.

Last year’s event was virtual and focused on the challenges and opportunities in loving remote working and an increasingly digital world. The session we got the best feedback on was the interview I did with Daan Donders, CEO at SO Connect. We discussed how he transitioned from face-to-face selling to remote selling in his SaaS business in this talk. We also got great feedback on the introduction to Candio and how white-label digital services can help end-users drive recurring revenues for the reseller.

You can recap on last year’s event via the playlist on our YouTube channel here.

This year we are focused on one subject, and that is winning new business. In the last 12 months, many reseller businesses have focused on upgrading their base, and the percentage of new business won has reduced. Many of my conversations with our resellers are about how tough new business is, finding opportunities and converting them into customers.

The agenda for the day is:

  •  The new world of marketing and lead generation
  • iPECS ONE and the role WebRTC plays to enhance collaboration and to secure more opportunities
  • Create and close winning propositions with QuickQuote
  • Put customer experience at the heart of your business with iPECS Analytics
  • Understand how to use targeted marketing to increase your ROI

Join us on Thursday 25th November at 9:30 am; register here if you haven’t already. We look forward to having you take part and joining us for the day.