Usually, we would have been jetting off somewhere for the Ericsson-LG conference and awards, but alas, this year, it was different. As the planet breathes a sigh of relief and the Pragma carbon footprint takes a much-needed reduction, we joined the Virtual Ericsson-LG awards event.

As with all virtual events, it was different, and you miss seeing everyone face-to-face and celebrating, but it has its upsides. I was able to attend wearing slippers sat in my home office. To be clear, not just slippers in case anyone was worried.

The Ericsson-LG awards mean a huge amount to our team. Unlike many other businesses, we’re incredibly focused on the relationship we have with Ericsson-LG. They have been at the very heart of our business since it was founded back in 2012 and remain our primary technology partner.

It was wonderful news for the Pragma Technical team to be recognised as the number one technical team across the whole world. Our techies have done a phenomenal job under the leadership of Grace Lawless our Operations Director, and our new Head of Technical Operations, Rob Smith. Every one of them deserves recognition for the job they have done in helping us bring new technologies to market such as our new WebRTC client, iPECS ONE, along with the day-to-day support they deliver to all our resellers. Thanks to Anita, Josh, Mark, Jess and Simon for the outstanding work they do.

I am trying not to bang on about Covid and pandemic impact as it’s getting a bit wearing in many of the articles you read now. However, 2020 really was the year of Cloud as many organisations saw the opportunity and need to upgrade their infrastructure and push cloud technology projects to the top of their projects list. At Pragma, our UCaaS business grew massively, and we saw UCaaS sales soar during the pandemic with the drive and energy of our two sales leaders, Ed and Helen. We have continued to invest and build the platform and make sure it can continue growing and meet the increasing demands while remaining as reliable and resilient as ever. The award for Cloud Partner of the Year really was the big one for us as it’s been such a focus for us in the last 12 months. A huge thanks to the Ericsson-LG team for their continued support on iPECS Cloud and their recognition of this award.

Lastly, this was the one that really blew us away as it was our fifth time in nine years awarded as Global Partner of the Year. We were jointly recognised this year alongside Aria Technologies in Australia. This made the honour even greater. They are a phenomenal organisation and have set the standard in the Ericsson-LG partner landscape for many years. Chris, Willow and the team at Aria have been hugely helpful and supportive in helping us build and shape Pragma.

A massive thanks to Patrick, Ahed and the whole Ericsson-LG team, who continue to deliver fantastic support and the innovation that keeps us at the forefront of the UCaaS market.

Well done, and thanks to every member of the Pragma team. Across our sales, marketing, provisioning, billing, technical, finance and management teams, we have outstanding individuals who make running and building Pragma a pleasure and honour. Smart, driven, and decent people make all the difference. These awards recognise those individual and team efforts.

This year more than any other, has shown us the importance of partnership and working with people and companies you can rely on. These awards are dedicated to our customers and the continued trust and support they show Pragma.