Recurring revenue streams have cemented themselves within a company’s annual growth plan during the last 18-months. Providing an additional layer of assured revenue that a company can expect month in and month out – helping predict sales, drive more opportunity and increase the overall valuation of their business. 

Solidifying recurring revenue sources for channel resellers is a strong focus for Pragma and Ericsson-LG Enterprise. With significant R&D investments, the team has delivered a series of new products and service enhancements through iPECS Cloud and a new collaboration solution, iPECS ONE. Each service is delivered through a monthly subscription model that lifts a reseller partner’s revenue each month by forming a reliable source of recurring income and growth opportunity during a tough economic period. 

Pragma channel resellers see Cloud oriented solutions as key growth enablers – recording an increased average reseller uptake of 33% from this time in 2020. Focusing directly on iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE to improve how each business collaborates with its customers and colleagues through a range of industries and delivering options for tailored solutions for industries such as Healthcare. 

Following the success story with Web Listings, Pragma launched Candio to further drive its white-label digital solutions into the UK reseller channel. Delivering through two core services: Web Listings and Website Optimiser, resellers can expect to add up to £5 margin per customer location per month. Thanks to its ease of onboarding and overall simplicity, partners can roll this service out to thousands of customers with little to no effort from their teams.  

Candio delivers its services to over 46,000 customer locations throughout the UK while delivering additional recurring revenue streams to over 50 partners. This business model enables Candio to deliver 100% of its revenue through a recurring revenue source.  

Driving recurring revenue has ultimately become the most important form of income for any business, providing a secured source of revenue every month that also increases business valuation. Pragma and Candio are proud to have so many recurring success stories with reseller partners within their channel, ranging from all sizes of partners throughout the UK. 



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