Yes, the business communications space is more competitive than ever. Many are offering cut-throat prices, and for most resellers, it’s an all-out price-war!

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Your product might be more expensive than the ones offered by your competitors, but as you’ve probably seen yourself, customers don’t often go for the cheapest price tag.

Winning over new customers is easier if you can stand out from the crowd. To do that, you should be able demonstrate the tangible business benefits of your solution and highlight how and why it will align with your customers’ plans for growth.  The key lies in identifying how you can enable businesses to build relationships with their end-users, and that’s where Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) comes into play.

CTI can not only deliver great customer experiences and customer service, but can also improve the efficiency of your customers’ businesses.

In order to develop a winning CTI solution, you need to understand your customers’ requirements. While it’s easy to develop a solution by assuming what they might require, taking the time to understand their pain-points and putting together a proposition that truly fits their needs is what will set you in good stead.

Regardless of whether your customers opt for an on-premise solution (cupboard) or a cloud-based solution, we can help you offer common functionality across the board – from call control to softphones and personalisation through to IM, daily messaging and one-to-one video calls.

Common functionalities across UCS and UCE systems

Both UCS and UCP solutions boast greater Outlook integration and connectivity with over 120 CRM applications. They also offer the flexibility to add bespoke systems to drive the seamless integration of existing systems.

Using these additional bolt-ons will enable the delivery of a unique proposition that addresses your customers needs. Doing so will help you stand out and win over new customers when everyone else is too busy racing each other to the bottom of the price list.

Helen Ranaghan

Senior Business Development Manager